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Thanks to its recent “life-of-the-tree” adoption by Bartlett Tree Experts, the signature ash tree behind the War Memorial bench, at the intersection of Nassau and Mercer Streets, was injected with a protective insecticide, emamectin benzoate, on June 14, 2017.

First, former municipal arborist Lorraine Konopka measured the circumference of the tree to determine the correct amount of insecticide.

Then, Jason Bond, a plant health care specialist at Bartlett, drilled 12 entry points along the base of the tree, inserted small metal tubes, and pumped the insecticide into the tree. The whole procedure lasted 15 minutes. 











Lorraine Konopka, Princeton's former municipal arborist, was among the more than 40 talented scientists, parents, and community members who volunteered their time to wow Littlebrook Elementary School children during the 8th annual Science Expo on May 18, 2017. Set up beneath the cherry trees near the school's arcade, Ms. Konopka's table featured the Lorax (a Dr. Seuss character encouraging sustainability), fruiting ash tree branches, and vials containing the dreaded ash tree borer and its larvae. PSTC members Janet Stern and Pat Hyatt assisted Ms. Konopka throughout the afternoon.